Advisory Services

Our Service cut across all industry sectors be it banking, mining, manufacturing, retailing, farming, transport, hospitality, education, hospitality, and health, etc. Our services:

  1. Project finance
  2. Corporate finance.
  3. Share and business evaluation
  4. Operations management and reviews
  5. Strategic planning.
  6. Corporate governance.
  7. Risk management.
  8. Auditing.
  9. Team building.

Tax Services

We provide careful evaluated and innovate solution that help you realise growth and reorganization.

  1. Corporate and Personal Tax
  2. Value added Tax.
  3. Capital gains Tax.
  4. International tax consultancy.
  5. Tax management and Consultancy.
  6. Tax health check.
  7. Tax planning.
  8. Tax investigation and Audit.
  9. Fiscalisation

Corporate Services

Our Corporate services include :
1.  Accounting Services   2. Monthly Management accounts   3. Perfomance Management   4. Complilation of Financial Statements    5. Incorporation of Companies
6.  Change of names    7. Payroll Support Services    8. Internal Auditing.